Tree surgery

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August 20, 2014
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Tree surgery

AndyGardener_treecaring_591x443pxWhen people hear the term “tree surgery”, a great deal may have either never heard of it or not know what it is about. The importance of tree surgery, however, is not to be underrated. In fact, in the 19th century a man named John Davey was the first person to analogise tree surgery to physi­cian care – and this is how the subject of tree surgery gained its first attention.

Did you know that the profession of a tree surgeon is the second most dangerous profession in the world just behind deep sea fishing? A tree surgeon has to conquer with dealing with head-spinning heights and formidable motorised implements like chainsaws.

Tree felling.
Incredibly the number of reasons for people to undergo surgery is as vast as the number of reasons for trees to undergo tree surgery – trees need to be taken care of more than you would actually think. The most common reason for people to hire a tree surgeon is to have a tree felled. A tree of dangerous structural integrity is an unpredictable threat to not only the surrounding environment but also the health and safety of people. The natural felling of an unstable tree may even cause greater damage. Often trees are also felled due to an inconvenient positioning as they might hinder the execution of various constructions.

Treatments and tree maintenance.
When people are suffering from a disease, they will see a doctor to have a treatment that kills the pathogen – the same applies to trees that suffer from any kind of disease, may it be decay or insect infestation etc. Only an expert will be able to diagnose the cause and make use of the right treatment. However, sometimes trees do not necessarily need a treat­ment but just a little pruning to grow again as healthy as ever.

Crown alterations.
The last but certainly not least reason for people to hire a tree surgeon, is to have alterations done at the crown of the tree. These alterations are not necessarily done for aes­thetic purposes or health and safety precautions, but also to encourage growth.

Tree surgery, however, is not solely dedicated to maintenance of trees but also of vines, shrubs, per­ennial woody plants and a lot of greenery in general. To keep your trees and greenery as healthy as possible, do not hesitate to hire a tree surgeon as they will help you to bring your greenery back to life.