Landscape Gardening Brings Life and Beauty from Season to Season

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October 23, 2013
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October 16, 2014

Landscape Gardening Brings Life and Beauty from Season to Season

landscape gardening

landscape gardening

The classic English garden, even as far back as the Middle Ages always had park-like open spaces, raised flower beds, gravel pathways and that small kitchen garden with herbs and vegetables. During World War II people converted their lawns to vegetable gardens to feed their families, and although the centuries have brought some changes to the English garden, there are some basic characteristics that modern landscape gardening still replicates. Today whether you have an an acre of garden or a tiny handkerchief of a garden, there are design elements which can turn your space into a place of inspiration.

Rather than having a tiny backyard made up entirely of turf, people who believed they were unable to have a garden are now having tiny landscaped gardens, and inviting nature to provide them with a tranquil retreat after a busy day. By roping in the services of an enthusiastic landscape gardening expert, by planting the right shrubs and flowers, you’ll be attracting birds and butterflies and introducing life and movement into your garden.

Turning Small Gardens into Magical Places

Worldwide, with burgeoning populations and less space, there is a trend towards smaller gardens. When it comes to deciding on which functions the modern garden needs to fulfill, many homeowners are intrigued by mixing old and new. While they want to have gardens which serve as retreats, they want gardens which have have memories of the past but are still designed for the future. Vegetable and herb gardens no longer have their own space, but they are added to flower beds or even attractively containerized.

When looking at their own gardens, homeowners want to consider some of the old existing elements and how they can be cleverly incorporated into a new design. Skilled landscapers know how to turn small gardens into spaces that can be enjoyed. Nobody needs to splash out on an expensive garden; a talented landscape gardening expert knows how to design attractive low maintenance gardens by bringing in some pathways, paving, pebbles, rockery and maybe even some fountains if budget allows. Steering away from the beautiful flowering annuals, they consider drought-tolerant perennials which require less watering and fertilizing than other flowers but will still produce a splash of colour and durability too.

Creativity is Key

Despite their small size, gardens can have an upscale look or a traditional cottage-style design, and the landscaper knows how to creatively accommodate the space limitations of a small garden. They approach large- and small garden design projects professionally; their focus being on exceeding the expectations of their clients. Their landscape design of a small garden details the scale of the work they intend performing there, and they make use of the most recent CAD software and work with the budget of the client to bring in the landscape elements they want.

No Specific Rules for Today’s Enchanted Gardens

The rules laid down by what gardens had to look like decades ago have changed, and landscapers are creating wonderful, magical lived- in gardens for every size garden and budget. Don’t be deterred by your little garden; the right choice of landscape gardening expert can create an alluring place that needs only minimal care but which will provide you with hours of pleasure and delight.