The best plants for the winter months

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October 16, 2014
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April 30, 2015

The best plants for the winter months

When it comes to plants, the winter time is not the most desirable. Some plants will grow, while others won’t be able to handle the extreme freezing and frigid temperatures.

You can add some colour to the autumn and winter by planting cherry pansies, snapdragons and English daises as an example. These plants will be able to handle the winter weather and have nice colouring to give a vibrant feel during the winter months. In extreme climates you will have to replant these again in the spring as they will die off. Calendula is a plant that provides a nice orange colouring and will grow in mild-winter climates.The leather wolf mahonia actually blooms in the winter with its distinctive yellow colour.

Hellebore also known as the Christmas rose and grows where winter flowers are scarce. These plants love shade or low sunlight and moist organic soil. They come in colours from white to pink, burgundy and light green. Winter jasmine actually blooms in January and will add that little bit of colour during the winter time.

You can plant snowdrop (Galanthus elwesii) in the autumn, the winter cold really doesn’t bother these plants and they will blossom in the late winter unlike other plants. You can also consider boxwood hedges which are easy to grow and shape and they will transform any area into a fairy-tale setting.

Witch hazel puts out clusters of spidery red and yellow flowers that grow like little sun clusters in the middle of winter. You have to find the right place as these flowers can grow to 15 feet tall and nearly as wide. It should be noted that they should be planted in the autumn.

Your winter doesn’t have to be devoid of plants and colour, you can grow these plants and make your winter garden as beautiful as it is in the summer.