Getting your garden ready for summer

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December 1, 2014
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Getting your garden ready for summer

Water collectors
This summer you should prepare your garden with at least one water collector, these water collectors come in many shapes and sizes and adding one can bring a nice touch to your garden. It will also provide you with fresh rainwater, this is much better for your garden as tap water usually has a small amount of alkaline in it.

Composting bin
You should also get a composting bin, you can either buy one or you can easily create one yourself with wood planks. These bins are said to be a must have, it will give you a place to put all of your garden waste as well as enriching your soil with nutrients. When the compost breaks down, it will work like fertilizer for your ground and provide the area with healthy proteins to improve your soil and plants.

Mowing the lawn
Mowing the lawn requires a lot more than what you would think to keep it perfect, generally the more you mow the thicker the grass will become. However you must be aware that if you cut it too often you will stress and starve the grass as you will keep on cutting the tips of the grass which have a lot of the food and nutrients the grass needs. Every type of grass has a recommended height you should cut it down to, a good rule of thumb is to never cut more then one third of the grass in one mowing.

Now that the summer is here it is time to bring out a good pair of pruners and cut down all the dead twigs and branches. Make sure you cut crossing branches as this will give the plants better air conditions, but be careful not to trim your climbing plants, make sure the climbing plants you have are fit to cut as you don’t want to remove the branches that will bring flowers during the summer months.

Patio & furniture
A good way to clean your patio is with a pressure washer, this will make it easier for you to remove unwelcome moss and other debris that has accumulated over the winter months. You should clean your patio tables and chairs by giving them a good washing with the pressure washer but if you don’t want to spend money on a pressure washer you could always use a bit of elbow grease and give them a good old scrubbing. If you want to go the extra mile you can always give your tables and chairs a new paint job.

Garden lights
For the late nights where you just want to enjoy your garden, you should invest in some solar lights, you can find them in every price range and they really give a delicious touch to your garden especially in the evening and as they are solar powered they are great for the environment!