Landscaping and Tree Surgery Services – Is It Worth Trying to Do-It-Yourself?

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April 30, 2015
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September 16, 2016

Landscaping and Tree Surgery Services – Is It Worth Trying to Do-It-Yourself?

Spring is here and few will have noticed the garden and how those winter leaves have turned the lawn into something resembling a compost field and the trees are starting to rapidly grow a new generation of twigs on its extending branches. We will also remember how last year the next door neighbour may have complained about the leaves blowing into their garden, overhanging branches and trees that have shot up like a rocket without you even noticing.

Some may look forward to a bit of gardening in the spring now the warmer weather has started to arrive, but the truth is winter has left a mark – in many cases the cold, frosty months will have trashed the back yard and made that initial landscape job and tree surgery therapy a bit too much to handle.

You are a long way from those warm July evenings where you are pruning your rose bush, trimming the edges after another mow of the front lawn, tying back that overhanging flower and sweeping the dust off the patio following yesterday’s barbecue. These are small fry jobs compared to what awaits you right now in the midst of spring.

The benefits of hiring a professional landscaper and tree surgeon include the time you will save. For you, this job will take more than a day, especially if you do not have the right tools for the job. A professional can get the task done in a day and if they cannot an estimate will be given, and you’ll be surprised to learn that rarely will any garden spring clean and tree surgery take more than a day, even on larger properties.

Scaling up a tree is dangerous business. Even attempting to cut a bush with a height of more than eight feet is dangerous. The ground is uneven below it and the risk of injury is huge. A professional will have attended a health and safety course in landscaping and will know exactly how this job should be done. Don’t risk your health, a limb or even a life just to save a few pounds here and there.

If you think you can landscape by yourself then you will need to buy specialist equipment, which will require maintaining and cleaning from time to time. Is it really worth it? There are many reasons why hiring a professional landscaper and tree surgery team will actually cut costs in the long run and get the task completed properly.